If you want to create great experiences, you need to truly understand your customers. That’s why we offer research services that are adapted to your design process. We offer research in the Netherlands and global research using our UXalliance network.

Design Research

Would you like to find the golden opportunity to enhance your customers’ experience? We can help you gather all the insights you need for a solid foundation of customer understanding and directions for future design opportunities. This helps you to maximise your impact on your customers’ experience.

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Experience Testing

Do you have a brilliant idea, concept or product? That’s great, let’s test it! Testing with real users allows you to find out whether you are offering the right experience. We provide you with a prioritised list of issues and hands-on suggestions for improvement.

Global Research

For larger international organisations it can be quite a challenge to truly understand the local customers. As a UXalliance partner we’re happy to help you out by executing and coordinating your research project with our local partners in different parts of the globe at the same time.

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