Reed Business Information

A validated product in five days.

Goal: Integration of two products

RBI is marketleader in fiscal products. To strengthen and enlarge their market share RBI set out to refine their product portfolio. By merging ‘FiscaalTotaal’ (a fiscal knowledgebank) and ‘Nextens’ (tax declaration software) into one product RBI expected to tap into a new market and serve their customers even better.


User Intelligence was asked to collect reliable user information and to translate that into a design concept, all in a particularly short time frame.

Approach: Design Sprint

  • Through close collaboration with the RBI team we ensured efficiency and internal support.
  • In order to reach a validated concept in a short amount of time we proposed to do a Design Sprint. Prior to the Design Sprint we have conducted contextual research in order to get a clear understanding of the customer needs. This research formed a reliable starting point of our Design Sprint.
  • During the Design Sprint the team devised a concept, then validated this concept and presented it within the organisation.
  • In the weeks after the Design Sprint a senior designer from User Intelligence remained involved by coaching the team in the further development of the concept.

Result: A validated Design Concept

The validated concept from the Design Sprint was positively received by RBI’s customers.


Because of our expertise in the combination between research and design we know how to bring a sense of tranquility in the Design Sprint and guard the essence: Finding the best solution.