Ensuring the success of the new Tilburg.nl

Extensive user testing in order to create a better experience for the residents of Tilburg.

Goal: certainty about the new website

The municipality of Tilburg received 14.000 phone-calls a year from residents. The municipality prefered to facilitate the majority of these calls online because:


  • A website could potentially offer a better experience for the residents of Tilburg.
  • Call reduction means cost reduction for the municipality.


To make this possible a redesign of Tilburg.nl was initiated. The municipality wanted to ensure the success of the new website.

That’s is why User Intelligence was asked to carry out a series of User Tests.

Approach: User Testing based on Top Tasks

  • Qualitative User Testing
  • Carried out with the residents of Tilburg, recruiting participants in a shopping street.
  • Participants were asked to perform 7 common tasks (Top Tasks) on a device showing a prototype of the new website.
  • Test-sessions on location, allowing the design team to tag along (using our Mobile Test Lab).

Result: A better experience for the residents of Tilburg

  • Performing the Top Tasks on the new website is running smoothly. The interactions are spot on.
  • The new website meets the needs and demands of the residents. Participants describe it as: ‘functional, no fuss’ and ‘user friendly and clear’.
  • The majority of the residents indicate that they would rather use the website than the phone, the next time they have to interact with the municipality.


To conclude: The new website leads to a better experience for the residents.