Keeping legal professionals up to speed: Kluwer SmartNewz


The development of SmartNewz; a one-stop shop for all legal news with easy to create personal preferences.



SmartNewz has a successful uptake in the marketplace, and at the same time leverages other Kluwer products.

Customers say: “Finally a complete source for all legal news, presented in a clear way. This saves me a lot of time.”

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About Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer is the largest online publisher in the Netherlands. They enable legal, tax, finance, and healthcare professionals to be more effective and efficient. Kluwer does this by providing information, software, and services for subject-matter experts.


For legal professionals Kluwer wanted to tap into an unmet need: A comprehensive legal news service. Kluwer grounded the ideas for the product concept in a solid business case. User Intelligence joined to involve the target group and to make sure the product is designed to the lawyers’ needs.

Customer Challenges
  • Keeping track of up to 250 different news sources was a daily cumbersome chore; from government sites to influential blogs and news papers.
  • It was searching for the needles in the haystack. For specialists only a fraction of the news was actually interesting.
  • Many sources cover roughly the same news, resulting in duplicated information.
Business Challenges
  • Existing Wolters Kluwer legal information products should be leveraged while keeping SmartNewz a stand-alone service.
  • Competitors in the legal news market offer ‘free news’.
  • Having an editorial staff of legal editors ready in time to work on the product’s daily content updates from over 250 different sources.


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“The iterative development process in which Kluwer cooperated with User Intelligence really helped us to get a clear product concept for our SmartNewz newsportal”

Henk Verbeek – Uitgever bij Wolters Kluwer



SmartNewz is a one-stop shop for all legal news with easy to create personal preferences. Legal professionals stay up to date with relevant news, specific verdicts and developments in legislation processes. The responsive platform offers deep links to background documents in Wolters Kluwer’s other products and matches their visual identity.

Customer Results
  • Legal specialist can find all they need at one website; an optimal experience on desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • The needle in the haystack is rapidly found! The personalized filters make it easy to quickly come to only relevant information.
  • An excerpt of the most important facts is made by the SmartNewz legal editors.
Business Results
  • At the moment SmartNewz has a successful uptake in the marketplace.
  • It initially rolled out for labour law professionals, and is now also available for business law and more jurisdictions to follow.
  • Other Kluwer products receive more traffic from existing customers and new customers subscribe through SmartNewz.


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