First things first. That’s how we approach our work.

To make sure we deliver great customer experiences, we follow seven simple rules in our projects. This is what we call the ‘UI way of working’.

Aim for a win-win situation

We like to keep things simple: organizations exist because they deliver value to their customers. So if your organization wants to create more business value (e.g. market share, profit, better service) the best approach is to start by creating more value for your customers. It is a win-win situation!

Improve the customer experience

Customer value is not just the product or service that you sell. Instead, the value is determined by the complete experience that you provide over time and across touch-points. This is called the ‘customer experience’.

Take three elements into account

If you want to improve the customer experience, you have to pay attention to three main ingredients: 1. your customers (goals, tasks, demographics, behavior), 2. your organization (goals, staff, offering, brand, content), and the touch-points (shop, website, call center, social media, mobile app).

Look beyond a single project

We try to reach the short-term goals of a project without loosing sight of the longer term. Once we know where you are now (insights) and where you want to go (strategy), we make a roadmap and start with the first step.

This approach is appreciated by our clients, given the long-lasting relationships we typically have.

Cooperate closely

We work closely with you and your team, as everyone has information and skills that are essential to the project. Therefore, we always try to work in your office in a dedicated space (“war room”), sitting together with your team. This maximizes our cooperation and facilitates the involvement of the rest of the organization.

Prototype, evaluate, and iterate (lean)

The most efficient approach to complex design projects is step-by-step. We start with the most important issues (concept or minimal viable product) and add details later. In each step we set goals, prototype, and evaluate with customers and internal stakeholders. These iterations allow the team to make adjustments early in the process (saves costs!) and ensure decisions based on facts (reducing risks!). Not too bad, right?

Be passionate and pragmatic

We are very passionate about improving the customer experience, make no mistake about that… However, our mission is to improve your business results. And to get results fast!

Therefore, we combine our passion with a pragmatic attitude. This allows us to deal with the realities of a project (e.g. budgets, deadlines, technical constraints) and obtain the maximum result for you.

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