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Visual Design

What is Visual Design?

Visual design takes in wireframes and the customer’s visual guidelines, and produces the final lay-out of the service. Aspects of the visual design include branding, appropriate tone and visual emphasis. These are achieved with placement, colour, typography, iconography and images.

The power of visual design

Visual design is much more than just making the service look good. Brand consistency is important, as are external associations created by the tone of the service. Simplicity and emphasis on primary content make the user feel in control of the service and lends it an air of professionalism. Studies have proved that a visually pleasing user interface contributes to a positive user experience.


The format of a visual design usually comprises of

  • Images of pages and page-states in the form of Photoshop .psd files, structured so that individual elements are easy to pull out by the front-end developer.
  • Every page template and each element is included. The entire user interface can be build out of these in front-end development.

Example cases

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