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UX vision for 2010

We believe that the year 2010 will push forward some interesting developments on how we interact and communicate in our daily life. Below you can find an overview of the top 10 UX developments that we foresee for 2010:

  1. The need for design research will increase
  2. Quantitative methods will become more important
  3. New research tools will become popular (e.g. unmoderated remote usability testing)

  4. More emphasis on the business side of Internet (e.g. making money)
  5. Mobile Internet is finally over the tipping point (it took some years!)
  6. Social Media will become a mainstream in business
  7. Customer-centered innovation will be on the rise

  8. Functional prototyping becomes the standard: static wireframes won't cut it anymore
  9. The role of the interaction designer and visual designer will be less prominent and directive

  10. Optimization instead of major redesigns: conversion, conversion, conversion

What will not change is the need for research, design and optimization when developing User Experiences.