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The power of information visualization

Today I came across a billboard in the centre of Amsterdam (see picture below). It shows a poster from the campaign against the budget cuts on state sponsored art (e.g. music, dance, painting). Independent on your point of view on this matter, I find that this information graphic makes the point of view of the protesters really clear. More examples of this campaign can be found on the website of MediaMatic.

Illustrating your point of view is of all times. Information graphics have the power to make complex concepts look relatively simple, like the famous London Tube map. BTW, that map was recently redesigned. Please see this blog post for an interesting discussion that followed.

Billboard in centre of AmsterdamBillboard in centre of Amsterdam

Within User Intelligence, we often use visualizations in complex situations. For example, we use:

  • web traffic maps to make sense out of large amount of web data and findings;
  • conceptual designs to explain the main idea behind an interaction design for a complex product;
  • customer journey maps for a view on all touchpoints that a customer has with a company and their services;
  • and personas┬áto summarize the findings from extensive user research activities.

First of all, these visualizations give us a better insight in the complex situation. Second, these deliverables allow us to share insights with our clients and discuss the actions that should follow. Great stuff, I would say!

To summarize: do not underestimate the power of information visualization! ;-)