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We really did count 10...

This pages gives away all 10 souvenirs that can be found in our 2010 UXmas tree riddle

#1 RSS / UI blog
We have recently launched our UI blog. Our UI team-members will be writing easy to digest blogposts on topics that matter... Feel free to have a look in the right column of this page, to directly jump to some other posts or topics!
#2 Design by Fire
The Design by Fire conference provides a stage for inspiring professionals to share their passion for interaction design with peers — mutually refreshing both knowledge and competence to cope with the challenges of modern IxD's professional practice. So of course we were there...
#3 UPA
The Usability Professionals Association: promoting usability concepts and techniques worldwide. Martijn and Adam gave a presentation on Combining methods: Web Analytics & User Testing at the UPA conference in Munich.
#4 User Intelligence
We hope you didn't miss that one... 2010 was a great year in which we welcomed 4 new team-members and several new clients.
#5 eMetrics
eMetrics organizes Marketing Optimization summits. Adam Cox and Martijn Klompenhouwer gave a presentation on Combining Methods: Web Analytics and User Research at the eMetrics summit in Stockholm, Sweden.
#6 Mailchimp
Mailchimp is our favorite newsletter service. Talking about an engaging user experience... And... since we've redesigned our newsletter, mobile viewers can enjoy our 6-weekly deliverable like they should!
#7 Frankwatching
This popular (Dutch) online magazine published two of our articles this year! Feel free to read the English translation of the article Twitter and customer service.
#8 Handbook Global User Resarch
We're happy that we took part in multiple international User Research and Usability Testing projects this year. The UX Alliance proves to be a strong global network . Many global insights can be found in this book
#9 Twitter
UI also tweets... Become a follower!
Ok... this is the toughest one... And maybe a little bit less relevant, but it just looked so good in our tree ;)
#10 Adobe Acrobat
The well-known file format... with the logo that looks so good in Xmas trees ;)