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Google Analytics In-page analysis

Google Analytics In-page analysis, new and improved?

Google announced a new function for Google Analytics called In-page analysis on October 15th. This feature allows the possibility to put an overlay on your pages and see where the users clicked. Our first impression was that it sounded very similar to the existing function of Page Overlay. This is partly true; it is clear that this function evolved from Page overlay, but there is one main improvement that adds a lot of value: You can now easily segment your visualizations with filters.

The new In-page analysis feature of Google AnalyticsThe new In-page analysis feature of Google Analytics

How to apply Google Analytics In-page analysis

The filter options allows you to get an overview if certain factors such as technical specs, geographical location or visit source affects the behavior on the page. This allows you to improve the understanding of the different visitors and how they get to your conversion pages. These insights can be useful for understanding your multivariate or A/B tests.

Besides offering the filter In-page analysis also presents context to the visualization of the page by showing some of the important page metrics next to it. This information provides you useful context to make sense out of the visualization. It also provides a list of the inbound sources and outbound destinations (limited to your own site).

In-page analysis better, but not perfect yet

Currently the In-page analysis is still in a beta stage (which is often the case with new Google Analytics functions), but we believe that several changes would make it even more powerful. So, would the functionality improve insights by providing options to distinguish which version of the same link was clicked (was it the top navigation or the content button in our page?). Another improvement we would like to see is the ability to view events that took place, on the page.

Our first impression of Google Analytics In-page analysis

This is just our first impression, but we believe that In-page analysis is yet another functionality that adds more value to Google Analytics. The segmentation possibilities are useful during the analysis process. Also by combining the screenshot with the data of the page we believe that the additional context will improve the analysis. With the release of new features Google Analytics keeps proving itself as a worthy competition for Enterprise level web analytics tools.